Company History - 

Media Financial Consulting was founded in 2006 to help deliver ad-hoc corporate financial consulting to clients who had a need for temporary or project related corporate finance expertise, but lack the cash flow to bring in permanent staff to fill this function. In this time we have supported hundreds of corporate finance projects and have dozens of satisfied clients. 

Areas of Expertise -   

Our expertise is in several areas of corporate finance: business planning, providing development & maintenance of modeling tools, building information databases, financial reporting, performing analysis on a variety of financial metrics, as well as budgeting and forecasting.

My combination of financial analysis experience and technical skills will allow our organization to quickly understand and analyze your data and then communicate the output to you in a format that is quickly and easily understandable. My technical skills are complemented with strong writing skills to deliver a variety of documentation to support any modeling that is developed, including: business requirements, functional specifications, system process documentation, and user guides. 

Principal Background -

I bring nearly 15 years of corporate finance experience to the table in a variety of roles. Starting out, I began my career as a corporate financial analyst performing a variety of activities: financial reporting, forecasting, budgeting, and ad-hoc analysis. 

My experiences in a Big4 consulting firm have helped to mold my skill set greatly business owners need to be able to navigate through mountains of data and make informed business decisions in a very short amount of time. In the consulting world that is the heart of what they do best. Being outsiders you need to be skilled in quickly getting to the heart of the problem. I've also been able to observe a variety of business processes and models to help determine what truly is world-class and incorporate this into our products.